Reach for the sky at Eureka Skydeck with The Walk Experience; a new activation that will require the art of balance and bravery to succeed.

To celebrate the launch of Sony Pictures’ The Walk to Australian cinemas, Eureka Skydeck unveiled The Walk Experience, a specially constructed green screen set that gives guests the illusion that they are crossing a tightrope – suspended high above the city of Melbourne.

The Walk Experience will bring out your inner virtual daredevil as you imagine what it’s like to tightrope walk from one point of Eureka Tower to the other, just as Phillippe Petit did in 1974 with the World Trade Center towers.

Have fun creating and capturing your own unique The Walk Experience at Eureka Skydeck photo, the 9” x 6” photograph comes with a digital copy ready for upload to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Walk Experience at Eureka Skydeck costs $15.00, plus entry to Eureka Skydeck

The enthralling film, The Walk, is based on the true and brilliantly bizarre story of French aerialist Phillippe Petit who, in 1974, spent 90 minutes walking, dancing, and even lying down on a wire that he strung across the two towers of the World Trade Centre.