Eureka Climb, Australia’s biggest vertical race is held each year in November.

Each year climbers tackle 88 levels and 1642 steps, with the finishing line reaching the Eureka Skydeck!

Stair climbing is tough and a total body workout. If you’re thinking of doing the next climb, make sure you start training early! But there are also some things you can do on the day to survive the climb.

Eureka Climb

Stretch, or else:
Stretching is so important and could even better your time by minutes! Tight muscles don’t contract properly limiting their range of motion so make sure you get some good hip and leg stretches in before the big climb.

Keep hydrated:
Make sure you are well hydrated before you start. There will also be water stations throughout the climb and Gatorade will be given out once you reach the Eureka Skydeck.

Dress to sweat:
The stair wells can get hot, so make sure you wear particular clothing to combat this. Wear something that’s comfortable, light weight and easy to move around in.

Mix it up:
Make sure you don’t go too hard too early and finish strong. Keep changing the way you climb the stairs so you use different muscle groups. Alternate between taking one step and two steps at a time.

You also don’t want to lift your feet too high off the stairs and risk wasting precious energy. Lift your feet just high enough to get to the next step.

Step Up To Restore Sight

Make friends with the handrail:
Let the handrail be your best friend during the climb and use it to pull yourself up. This will allow your upper body can assist with the climb and means you can move up a bit faster.

Believe in yourself:
Don’t go into the climb with doubts about your skills. Prepare yourself mentally and go go go!

Have fun:
Finally, make sure you enjoy the experience; it’s fun after all! Go out there and give it your all, but in the end have a great time!

When you get to the Skydeck and cross that finish line, give yourself a big pat on the back and take in the beautiful view of Melbourne.

Eureka Climb is open to people aged 12 years and over and with walker and climber categories is open to all fitness levels.

For more information and to register click here.

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