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So what do you know about the Eureka Tower?
Check out this quick lowdown on the little known ins and outs of Melbourne’s most impressive tourist attraction.

Highest of the high (and fastest of the fast)

Eureka Skydeck is the highest public viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere; at a generous 984.3ft (300 metres), the tower itself is also the world’s tallest residential structure. Worldwide, we’re in the top 100 at #96: wedged between World Trade Center 4, New York City, and the Comcast Center, Philadelphia.

When you’re the highest observation deck in half the planet, you need a speedy ride, so we made sure our elevators were the quickest in the southern hemisphere too: at a nimble 9 metres per second, it takes just 38 seconds to zip from ground to the 88th. Smooth!

Eureka Tower
Don’t look down!
We’re pretty flexible

Tower constructs like Eureka, given their vertical plunge, need to take into account crucial elementals like wind and weather pressure. You probably don’t realise when you’re high up on the 88th, but the tower can actually flex up to 600mm in Melbourne’s blustery winter winds. Two 300,000-litre water tanks on level 90 & 91 keep the building from excessive swaying, enough to fill two local swimming pools.

A Whole Lotta Stairs

Super fast lifts are all well and good, but you can’t have a building like Eureka without a good few steps as well. In fact, we’ve got 3,680 of them: that’s just over three and a half times the length of the Dandenong Ranges famous attraction, the ‘1000 Steps Kokoda Walk’ (only a lot steeper).

Each year, Australia’s biggest vertical race, the annual ‘Eureka climb’, sees hundreds of participants scale 1642 of these steps – it’s a sweaty affair, one of the top 20 tallest races of its kind in the world.

Gold plated glory

Ever wondered why the tip of the Eureka glows so richly in the sun? For good reason: we demand the gold standard; the bling on the glass of Eureka’s top ten floors is plated in 24-carat gold.


We’re heavy

Between 2001 and 2006, our builders put in place over 110,000 tonnes of concrete. If we placed the tower on a set of enormous scales, it’d raise the dial to a staggering 200,000 tonnes – that’s 29,600 elephants (or 2,000 blue whales).

There you have it. Now you’ve got a few facts straight, come and see it all in action.

See you soon!

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