As the leaves change, so does Melbourne. We start to slow down and get a little more relaxed in the autumn time.

Here are our very favourite things about Melbourne in autumn:

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne.original.9510
Photo: Charlievdb via

There’s just something about Melbourne’s gardens and parks around this time of the year. The leaves are turning red, yellow and orange making the trees look even more beautiful.

One of our favourite outdoor spots has to be Melbourne Botanic Gardens, while we love it all year ‘round, it’s especially alluring in autumn.

Melbourne is known for having four seasons in a day, but we have to admit that as much as we complain we kind of love it. Autumn is great for those who like their weather not too hot, but not too cold.

Also, we get to experience sunset even earlier! (An extra plus!)


Okay, as if Melbournians need another excuse to drink coffee but what’s better than walking around a park or garden with a good quality takeaway in hand??

Eureka Skydeck MCG view
Autumn brings the start of the footy season, for our fellow Melbournians need we say more?

Photo: Lavandula

Autumn gifts us with a total of three long weekends, more than almost any other season. This includes the four day Easter period, making it the perfect time to sneak off for that relaxing weekend away.

Skydeck suggestion: Located in Sheppard’s Flat, about ten minutes out of Daylesford, autumn is lavender harvest time for Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm. They even hold a Harvest Festival in May and since you’re already in Daylesford, a spa wouldn’t go astray either.

If you want to experience the beautiful city of Melbourne, visit us at Eureka Skydeck and see it from above in all it’s glory.

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