1. How long are the tickets valid for?
            Tickets are strictly valid for 6 months. The expiry date will be listed on the ticket.
          2. How do I receive the tickets?
            You will receive the tickets via email to the email address you provide when booking the tickets. Please note that Government email addresses or emails with high security may block the ticket delivery. Please use an email address that will accept emails with attachments from new contacts. If you do not receive the tickets within 24 hours please email info@eurekaskydeck.com.au with your order number, email address and name
          3. How many tickets can I buy?
            There is a limit of 15 tickets per transaction. This is the total amount of Eureka Skydeck admission, Edge Experience and Edge photo tickets purchased in one transaction.
          4. Can I buy the $9 tickets from the ticket desk on arrival on Friday?
            No, the $9 tickets are only available online, they cannot be purchased from the ticket desk on arrival to the Skydeck.
          5. Do the $9 tickets include the Edge Experience?
            No, the Edge Experience is not included in the $9 admission ticket, but you can purchase individual Edge Experience tickets online in addition to the admission tickets (no family Edge Experience tickets).
          6. Can I buy any family passes with the 9th birthday promotion?
            No. All $9 admission tickets and Edge Experience tickets are valid for one person per ticket for this promotion.
          7. When will I receive the tickets?
            The tickets will be delivered via email within 24 hours.
          8. It has been 24 hours and I still haven’t received the tickets. What do I do?
            Check the SPAM or Junk folder of your emails. If it is not there, please email info@eurekaskydeck.com.au with your order number, email address and name.
          9. I entered my email address incorrectly, how do I amend my details?
            Send your order number, name and correct email address to info@eurekaskydeck.com.au for us to re-send.
          10. My tickets aren’t in the ‘Download tickets’ link on my order confirmation email.
            Please email info@eurekaskydeck.com.au with your order number, email address and name.
          11. There is no booking date listed on the tickets, how do I book a date and time?
            There is no need to book a date or time; you are welcome to use the tickets anytime until the expiry date.
          12. Can I buy the $9 tickets online then come to the Skydeck straight away on Friday to use the tickets?
            The tickets can take up to 24 hours to reach you, so you can come in and use the tickets ONLY if you have received the tickets via email. You will not be granted admission if haven’t yet received the tickets to present on arrival.
          13. What do I need to show when I arrive?
            You need to either print and present a hard copy of the tickets or show them on your smart phone. We need to be able to scan the barcode on the tickets. The order confirmation email or order confirmation number will NOT suffice.
          14. I believe I have been charged more than once, what should I do?                                  

Please email info@eurekaskydeck.com.au with your order number, email address and name.