1. When are the tickets on sale?

From 12.00pm Thursday 14th May 2020, to 11.59pm Friday 22nd May 2020.

2. How long are the tickets valid for?

Tickets are strictly valid until Wednesday 30th June 2021. The expiry date will be listed on the ticket. There will be NO extensions for any reason.

3. Are there any fees to purchase the tickets?

A 50cent processing fee will apply to the customer per ticket. There is a 1.3% surcharge for customers paying by AMEX.

4. How do I receive the tickets?

You will receive the tickets via email to the email address you provide when booking the tickets. Please check your JUNK or SPAM inbox if they do not arrive within 30 minutes from your purchase. The email will be sent from TryBooking.

5. How many tickets can I buy?

There is no limit of tickets per transaction.

6. Can I buy the $13 Birthday Tickets from the ticket desk on arrival?

The $13 tickets are only available online; they cannot be purchased from the Eureka Skydeck.

7. Do the $13 Birthday Tickets include the Edge Experience?

The Edge Experience is not included in the $13 Skydeck entry ticket, but you can purchase this when you redeem your ticket at the Eureka Skydeck.

8. Can I buy Edge tickets as part of the promotion?

You may only purchase Edge tickets when you redeem your Skydeck entry ticket at the Eureka Skydeck.

9. Can I buy any family passes with the 13th Birthday promotion?

All $13 Birthday entry tickets are valid for one person, per ticket for this promotion.

10. Can I get a refund on my tickets?

Online tickets are strictly non-refundable.

11. I entered my email address incorrectly, how do I amend my details?

Please send an email to admin@eurekaskydeck.com.au and we will amend your details. Please note this can take 48 hours to complete.

12. There is no booking date listed on the tickets, how do I book a date and time?

There is no need to book a date or time; you are welcome to use the tickets anytime until the expiry date, Wednesday 30th June 2021.

13. Can I buy the $13 tickets online then come to the Skydeck straight away to use the tickets?

Unfortunately, as we are temporarily closed, you will need to wait until we open to redeem your ticket. We will notify you once we have opened. You can come in and use the tickets ONLY if you have received the barcoded tickets via email.

14. What do I need to show when I arrive?

You need to either print and present a hard copy of the tickets or show them on your smartphone to our ticketing team on arrival. You will not be granted admission if you have not yet received the tickets via email.

15. Can I purchase the tickets as a gift?

Yes, the tickets can be gifted to family and friends.

16. I want to purchase tickets for myself and as a gift, how do I do this?

We recommend purchasing the tickets in 2 separate transactions, this way you can keep one transaction for yourself and gift the other transaction.

17. Do I need ID to redeem my tickets?

We only need to scan your ticket on arrival, so please ensure you have this prior to visiting the Eureka Skydeck.

18. My question was not answered on this page, how can I make contact with you?

If we could not answer your question here, please only email us at admin@eurekaskydeck.com.au, please allow 48 hours for our team to get back to you.