Even the most seasoned teacher needs a little reminder every now and then when planning the perfect school excursions.

1. Think about what you want your students to get out of their visit

Your trip might be linked to a unit of work you are doing in class or an overall concept that you are teaching throughout the year. Either way, students need to make meaningful connections to the world outside their classroom. Most school excursion venues will have printouts that link their education programs to the curriculum. These will help you make the connections to your programs and the learning outcomes of your students (they will also look good when you give them to your principal). Here is a link to our teacher resources!

2. Don’t Cram!

As exciting as it is to cram your day packed full of educational adventures for your students, remember that you need to enjoy your day out of the classroom. You don’t want to be jumping from one venue to another without stopping to soak up those fantastic teaching moments that come out of nowhere while you’re exploring the world outside. Try to keep a decent break between commitments.

3. Check! Check and Double Check!

Make sure that you have everything organised for your day out. No matter how many times you have done this it doesn’t hurt to check again. Have you got your class lists, sent booking confirmations, timetables, bus times, first aid kit, permission notes, contact information, hats, lunches, excursion bags, water bottles, worksheets, pencils…? The list can go on and on before you even start thinking about yourself! Being organised is a top priority for a successful excursion so make sure you have checked and doubled checked that list.

4. Lay down the law

Make sure to go through the rules and expectations of students while they are on the excursion. Teach and model the appropriate behaviour and make sure that students understand what is expected of them. Talk about what is going to happen during the day so there are no surprises and all students know what and when things will be happening. Role-playing what to do if someone is doing the wrong thing is a great way of getting students on board.
While you are out and about make sure that you stick with your rules! If you have told students that there will be consequences for certain behaviours then make sure you follow through!

5. Have Fun!

Excursions are not just for the students but also the teachers so make the most of it when you are outside the classroom. Grab those unique teaching opportunities and build your relationship with your students. It’s about enjoying your time away from school and having real-life experiences. Whether your students are in Prep or year 12 it’s always an exciting experience to get outside the classroom and explore the world around you!

Skyscraper City Of Melbourne

If you need any help planning your next excursion to Eureka Skydeck, please contact our Education Coordinator.

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