Are you planning a school trip to the Melbourne CBD? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Melbourne has a variety of unique sights and attractions to visit, but where do you start?

It’s a great idea to have a topic or area to focus on, students can then have a classroom discussion or end project to bring an extra element of educational value to their city school  excursions.

Here is a list of school excursions holiday ideas that may be useful.

Melbourne from the ground and above
Students can take photos from the Melbourne CBD at ground level, then from the 88th of the Skydeck floor. This will give them different perspectives of Melbourne’s iconic landmarks. This activity works well for both primary and secondary aged students.

flinders Flinders Street Station

Melbourne then and now (History)
Starting at ground level students can learn about the city with a walking tour around the CBD, we recommend ‘Melbourne by foot’. The students will then finish the day at Eureka Skydeck; this will be a time to reflect on how Melbourne has changed over the years and to see the path they walked from above. This is a great area to focus on as we find that many students don’t know a lot about the city they live in.

OlympicSites Melbourne Park View

Take it to the streets (Photography)
Visit places like Melbourne’s Hosier Lane where some of the best graffiti street art is displayed or even Sandridge Bridge, home to a range of unique sculptures inspired by Australian immigration from the convict and gold rush periods through to today. Students can then experience their city from the 88th floor at Eureka Skydeck.

A.HosierLane B.HosierLane
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My city rules (English) blogs, essays, short stories
This topic is our personal favourite. Students can walk around Melbourne’s CDB, collecting information on why Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world, while learning more about the city they live in. Students can gain firsthand experience on why their city rules, after this they can visit Eureka Skydeck for a bird’s eye view.

City Scape #2

Teachers are welcome to meet with Nilsen at Eureka Skydeck free of charge ahead of their excursion to tailor an education program to suit their students’ needs.

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