The City of Melbourne turns 181 years old this month, so to celebrate we have looked back into the archives to see how Melbourne has changed over the years. Check out these five Melbourne Flashback beauties.

Flinders Street Station

You may have heard people referring to “I’ll meet you under the clocks!”. That famous catch phrase is referring to Australia’s first railway station. This cultural icon of Melbourne was completed in 1909.

Melbourne Flashback 1
Image Credits: @mica_lam  |  Maywald Memories

Swanson Dock – Port Melbourne

Built not that long ago (1969) the Swanson Dock is the centre of Australia’s International container trade. Only 2km from CBD, it was built to improve congestion in the port and provide the first container shipping terminal in Melbourne.

Melbourne Flashback 2
Image Credits: Port of Melbourne Corporation

Royal Exhibition Centre

To celebrate the riches found during the gold rush, the Royal Exhibition Centre was built in 1880! To show case Melbourne’s achievements, we hosted our first international exhibition.

Melbourne Flashback 3
Image Credits: Museum Victoria  |  WCC

Government House

Government House was opened in 1876 designed specifically to house the Governor of Victoria, Built in Italian style, it was called the grandest house in Australia. With its tower 145 feet tall it can be seen for miles .

Melbourne Flashback 4
Image Credits: Chris Phutully  |  National Library of Australia

Little Collins Street

Little Collins Street is a minor street in the CBD, taking its name from Collins Street. Collins Street was named after Lieutenant-Governor David Collins who led a group of settlers in establishing a short-lived settlement at in the early 19th century.

Melbourne Flashback 5
Image Credits: Melbourne Curious

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