What is a City Experience?

In Melbourne when students reach their secondary level of schooling they are given opportunities to step outside of the classroom and take part in unique learning experiences which are relevant to them and their lives after school. A City Experience allows students to develop a better understanding of themselves and an awareness of the world and their place in it.

See the City from Above

Eureka Skydeck is a fantastic place to enhance your City Experience as it allows the students to see the big picture from 285 metres above and familiarize themselves with the city before they set off to explore it. Panoramic views of Melbourne provide students and teachers with a unique resource to use as part of their learning experience and help prepare students for the days to come.
eureka-view-day-cMany teachers use our range of free educational resources to enhance the learning experiences of their students, the most popular resource being the Great Melbourne Race. These problem-based-activities give students the opportunity to use their prior knowledge of the city along with teamwork, communication and problem solving skills to race around the CBD and gain the most points and come out victorious.

Teachers and students can also challenge themselves by going on the Edge; the world’s only glass cube which slides out from the building and becomes transparent almost 300 metres above the ground!

Eureka Skydeck has a number of programs/worksheets on offer to include in your City Experience. Choose the one that best suits you:

1.Great Melbourne Race2. Mini Melbourne Race3. Explore Melbourne

For more information or to book your excursion, please contact:
Education Coordinator
03 9693 8810

or visit the Education Page

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