Not all schoolwork happens in the classroom. Investigate an exciting school excursion in the Melbourne CBD, which allows students to have an educational school trip, as well as explore their city.

A Year 9 City Experience using our Great Melbourne Race program is an excursion idea that allows students to navigate, problem solve and complete team activities, tasks and challenges in and around Melbourne’s CBD. Starting at the highest public vantage point in the southern hemisphere, this activity encourages communication, planning strategies, team-work and collaboration.

Tips for preparing your students for a Great Melbourne Race city experience:

Introduce the CBD

By introducing the CBD and familiarising students with the task ahead prior to the City Experience, will make it a much more enjoyable, safe and organised school excursion.


Giving your students maps for the day is a great way to not only keep  the students accountable for their movements around the city and ensure that ‘getting lost’ is not an excuse, but also helps them gain a better understanding of the city and their surroundings and how the CBD is set out.


Other than walking, public transport is the easiest way for students to get to and from, and around the city on their educational adventure. Catching a bus, tram or train from school into the CBD will be a great start to their City Experience and show students how easy it is to move around the CBD using our fantastic public transport system.


Set a meeting location and time

Setting up a meeting point and time for the students at the end of the day is a great way to ensure that the whole group are back together and you can dismiss the group accordingly.

Behaviour in public

Especially if in uniform, your students will be representing your school in the CBD during their City Experience. It’s a good idea to remind your students how to behave when in public. Remind them they are visiting the many landmarks and visitor spots around the city on behalf of their school and there is a certain reputation to uphold.


Lastly, show and explain to the students the purpose of this activity and the benefits of educational trips such as this. When students know why they are completing a certain activity (whether it be in the classroom or anywhere else), it is easier for them to see the benefits of it, and show a lot more enthusiasm toward the task at hand.

So enjoy your time with your students learning about, investigating and exploring all that our amazing city has to offer

Day shot 2014

If you would like any further information, please contact our Education Co-ordinator:
03 9693 8810

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