First Visit to Melbourne: A Traveller’s Guide

Beautiful Melbourne

For business and pleasure, Melbourne is a top travel destination worldwide. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself on a trip to Melbourne, prepare to be wowed by delicious food, vibrant culture, tranquil beaches, pumping nightclubs and stunning weather. Beautiful Melbourne has a style and vibe all of its own

We’ve gathered our top tips for new visitors to help you maximise your fun:

How To Get Around

New to Melbourne? One of the first things you’ll figure out is how to get around. Melbourne has a great public transport system that’s easy for travellers to access. If you don’t feel like renting a car, then Myki cards are a must-have. They help you access trains, trams, and buses to get you through the city with ease. You can learn more about them here.

Melbourne is also a bike-friendly town. If you prefer to speed through the city on bike, just remember that biking in Melbourne requires a helmet to be worn at all times. Don’t worry, helmet hair is an attractive look here!
Some visitors choose to rent a car so they can get around the city with ease. If you do decide to drive, realise that Melbourne has a unique driving experience that includes “hook turns”―a type of turn that isn’t used anywhere else in the country!

Public Transport System

Coffee Snob? You’ve Found Your Paradise!

If you like coffee you’ll fit right in with the morning crowd in Melbourne. Melbourne has an unbeatable variety that’s on the cutting-edge of the coffee industry. Ask any local on the street and they’ll tell you their favourite place to grab a cup of coffee. Here are some of Melbourne’s favourite coffee spots:

  • St. Ali in South Melbourne is known for experimental brewing such as Aeropress, nitro and more!
  • Market Lane in Prahran is famous for distinctive single origin coffees and stellar baked goods
  • Proud Mary in Collingwood offers in-house roasting and great cafe fare with eclectic vibes
  • Wide Open Road in Brunswick is known for industrial-chic decor and famous house blends
  • Code Black in Brunswick is always experimenting to produce new and delicious varieties of coffee. They’ve also got great food!
  • Industry Beans in Fitzroy features a wide variety of single blend and drip coffees, as well as modern and surprising food offerings


Prepare For Dynamic Weather

Melbourne can experience dramatic temperature and weather shifts that can catch even the most seasoned traveller off-guard. We recommend bringing a light jacket or dressing in layers. Don’t let Melbourne’s unique weather patterns put you off, however. Melbourne weather may have sudden changes, but it stays quite temperate. To compare, New York City runs 20 degrees colder in winter and nearly 10 degrees warmer in summer.

Museums: A Must-Do in Melbourne

Melbourne has a huge range of museums to display art, explore culture, preserve history, and celebrate industry.

  • The National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) is the oldest art museum in Australia and features an unbeatable collection of pieces with varied styles and traditions. Most of the special exhibits offer free entry included with a day pass.
  • The Koorie Heritage Trustis devoted to preserving Koorie art and culture. It’s a cultural experience you won’t find anywhere else.
  • The Immigration Museum is a great introduction to Melbourne that celebrates the diversity of our city.

National Gallery Of Victoria

What Should I Eat In Melbourne?

This city is packed with delicious food! Many people call Melbourne the “cafe Mecca of Australia”. There are great street carts, walk-up counters, cafes, and fine dining from a range of cuisines including British, Chinese, Indigenous, French, Italian, Japanese, African, fresh seafood, gelato and more! Food blogger Nam of LaughTravelEat has put together a great guide for first-time foodies in Melbourne.

For The Night Owls

Love to stay out late? Melbourne has a booming nightlife with a wide variety of late-night restaurants, bars, clubs and dance halls spinning techno, dance hall, R&B, jungle and pop tunes to the early hours of the morning. For visitors looking to shake their stuff, Time Out has put together a list of the best nightclubs Melbourne has to offer.

Could you use a laugh? Catch a comedy show at Crab Lab or The Comic’s Lounge.\

Night View

Explore the Surrounds on a Day Trip

For those who like to venture out of the city centre and explore the surrounds, there are tons of awesome day trips within 1-2 hours of the city. So pack a snack, take a short drive and experience the amazing sights that the Melbourne surrounds have to offer. Here are four-day trip ideas:

  • The Geelong Wine Region encompasses many different growing environments, enabling visitors to experience a variety of wine styles and tastes
  • Yarra Valley has something for everyone. Also a traditional home of winemaking, along with gorgeous scenery, amazing local food, and one of the world’s oldest indigenous communities.
  • If sun, fun, and beautiful ocean side is more your scene, check out Surf Coast Shire for the ultimate beach experience.
  • The city of Bendigo offers an incredible range of museums and tours, including the Bendigo Art Gallery, an international art exhibit since 1887, the Golden Dragon Museum which celebrates Chinese heritage, and the Deborah Gold Mine that offers an underground tour of the mining experience!

Explore The Surrounds Trip

So Many Things to Do in Melbourne―Visit Today!

Experience great food, coffee, arts and culture that’s easy to traverse. If you’re looking for great day trips, the surrounds of Melbourne give you access to wineries, beaches and smaller cities for a perfect afternoon getaway. With open arms, we welcome you to Melbourne.

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Welcome in Melbourne

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