Pssst! Hey you! Quick! Check no ones reading over your shoulder as I’m about to share my Top 5 locations I go to shoot around Melbourne, the best time of day to be there, and some camera specifics to get the best shot! You may be wondering who I am, right? Good question! Never take advice from strangers whispering from the shadows! Wha? Never mind, my Name is Luke! Pleased to meet you! I’m a passionate Melbourne based photographer known for my Melbourne biased content as featured on my Instagram page “Lukesphotographymelbs” & I’m only too happy to share with you my Top 5 Best places in Melbourne to take Photo’s, Let’s go!


#5 Location – Brighton Beach

Definitely a photography hot spot! What’s not to love about a location by the water, colourful beach boxes, and the Melbourne City skyline in the background!? This is my beach side go-to Location at Sunset, you get the beautiful light of the setting sun bringing out maximum colour and clarity on those beautiful beach boxes and the city buildings beyond…My tip, always look up the exact time sunset will be and get to location 30mins to an hour before so you can find your spot, set up, play with composition etc before the best light begins-this will ensure you get the best results from your shoot time. My Secret spot is not down on the beach but a short walk up the hill on the walk/ride track by the road side where you get the awesome perspective of the beach boxes and city aligned in the background!

Brighton Beach

#4 Location – Albert Park Lake

Aaaahh, hows the serenity!? I’d say this is my most relaxing place to shoot around Melbourne, ducks & swans swimming on the lake, the occasional rower paddling past, lush green surrounds, & the sound of pitter patter of people jogging by on the running track, …and then pow!-Glorious Melbourne, right there, front & centre beckons to be photographed! Like many of my favourite places to shoot around Melbourne this place is brilliant at Sunrise or Sunset. My tip is hit this spot when the winds are super light, often in the morning at Sunrise, and you will get some of the most spectacular reflections of Melbourne in the lake, sometimes some hot air balloons too if you make it here for Sunrise! Again, remember to arrive early to give you time to set up, often the best colours for Sunrise happen in the 30minutes prior to the sun actually hitting the horizon! If you have a tripod for your camera, this is a great spot to play with Long Exposure Photography at First light, to smooth out the water and bring those city reflections to the next level!


#3 Location – St Kilda Pier

So many photography opportunities right here, I’ve seen Penguins as well as seals swimming around this pier and the rock wall at Sunrise! You’ll see a good variety of birds, Yachts, Colourful wooden row boats, kite surfers, paddle boarders, cruise ships, the wooden pier, the Kiosk, this place just oozes character and has views to die for wherever you look! Awesome at either Sunrise or Sunset, I love this location purely for the incredible variety of shots available as well as the variety in subject matter, not to mention the unique perspective looking across the bay to Melbourne’s impressive city skyline where the Eureka tower just draws you in! My favourite shot here is taken at the very end of the Pier and you turn right at the kiosk and walk a little towards the Yacht Moorings, looking now directly towards the city, this vantage gives great leading lines for a Photo no matter what your shooting with, but if you’ve got a camera tripod it’s awesome in low light, set your aperture to f16 and try some long exposure shots…30seconds to a minute long, to get the boardwalk deck lights to starburst which just takes your photo to another level, & even better if you can get a friend to model for you and stand still in the shot as it’s always good to have a human element in any landscape photo.


#2 Location – Birrarung Marr

A special location with incredible views of Eureka Tower, the winding Yarra river, Princes Bridge & the city beyond. I love this location at Sunrise due to the beautiful golden light, sparkling off the many reflective surfaces as Melbourne slowly comes to life with the busy mornings activity on the Yarra with the Rowing clubs out doing there training, bike riders flying along the bike tracks, and trams dinging as they cross Princes Bridge city bound. Sunset here can also be a treat, best with some cloud in the sky to hopefully light up with some nice colour which usually happens immediately after the suns gone down. Stay a bit later after sunset and you reach ‘Blue hour’ where the sky isn’t totally dark yet but takes on a vibrant blue colour, a perfect background for capturing a Melbourne Cityscape as she lights up for the night, and from this location you can get those pretty city lights dancing off the Yarra Rivers surface which makes for awesome photos!


#1 Location – Docklands

A photography smorgasbord! Hit Yarra’s Edge and you’ve got spectacular views of the Bolte Bridge, Luxury Yacht & Powerboat moorings, the Webb Bridge, & Views Down the Yarra River all the way to Crown & Eureka Tower. Take a short walk over to Victoria Harbour & the Melbourne City Marina and you will see a Cow in a Tree (Street Art!) ,Marvel Stadium, the Melbourne Star, Trams, some spectacular Architecture and some of the best waters for reflections anywhere in Melbourne! This location is fantastic at Sunrise and Sunset, there is always something going on with beautiful boats coming & going, people rowing or being taken on a cruise,but one of my favourite spots to shoot from is standing on the Webb Bridge looking towards the Bolte Bridge at Sunset, it’s just stunning!



Need one more spot for Inspiration!? … Well, to capture awesome shots of Melbourne from above there really is nowhere like shooting from Eureka Skydeck. Whether it is a wide sweeping shot at sunset or a close up of Melbourne’s City Streets hustle & bustle, the Skydeck is the best vantage point to see it all!


In conclusion, Picking ‘just’ 5 Best Photography locations around Melbs is like choosing your favourite child! Melbourne is absolutely chockablock full of amazing places to take photo’s, much depends on what you’re into and what time of day you prefer to shoot.  I’ve been shooting Melbourne for 3 years & feel I have only scratched the surface! My plan is to get out there as much as possible, camera in hand and keep exploring…Maybe I’ll see you out there!!😊👍 – Luke

Bio: Luke Evans is a self taught Photographer, Melbourne based, and loves shooting Landscapes, Cityscapes & Nightscapes that show Melbourne in the best light!

See more of Luke’s amazing work at his Instagram & Facebook pages. For Melbourne Photography jobs & Collaborations email:

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