Completing a project on the Eureka Tower or want to find out more information about the Skydeck? Find all the answers to your questions here including images, facts and figures.

Fact Sheets

Eureka Skydeck Fact Sheet
Our fact sheet provides you with all you need to know about the building and its construction. It also includes information about the Skydeck’s features including the Edge Experience.

Eureka Fun Fact File
Our fun fact file relates to interesting comparative information for our young Skydeck students.

Comparison Sheets

Southern Hemisphere Observation Deck Comparison
A visual comparison of all the Observation Decks in the Southern Hemisphere.

Towers Of The World Comparison
A visual comparison of some of the most significant Towers of the World.

Tallest Towers of the World – Top 100
See where the Eureka Tower compares with other Towers of the World.

Building Measurements

Building your own Eureka Tower? Here are some helpful measurements of the building for you to use when constructing your own tower.
Eureka Skydeck Building Measurements
Eureka Skydeck Floor Plan Measurements

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